Designer Valentine

To all our designer friends - Do you ever get feedback that you're hard to shop for? Yeah, us to. From mom and dad to cousins and friends. They all tell us that we're hard to shop for. 

Non designer friends - Do you ever find it hard to get gifts for your designer friends/spouse? Do you think they're too picky? Too specific? We understand and we're here to help.

Maybe you can't relate to any of these scenarios (Lucky!) but you want to look at some interesting and unexpected gifts for this Valentines Day. We'd love that! We've been taking note of some really great products that we think designers and non designers would love. Take a look at our favorite Valentines gifts for 2017. 

1. Interlocking Wrap Bracelet - The architectural angles in this bracelet make it perfect for all those female architects and designers in your life. (hint hint, Paul!)

2. Picto Watch - Originally conceived in 1984 by designers Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen, the Picto watch represents the capture of time in a picture.

3. Designer Keys - Grab a one of a kind blank key down at Hammer and Spear and have it cut to fit your front door, or office, or business.

4. Stemless Flute - Who doesn't like a glass of champagne and at 6 bucks, these are a steal! (P.s. We're always afraid of breaking the fragile stem!)

5. Leather Wrapped Vases - Simplicity on point!

6. Shiro Table Lamp - This lamp is a throwback to the 80's but with a fresh spin.

7. Poured Bowl - Does your valentine ever loose their keys? Just sayin'!

8. Small Matchbox - An interesting way to store a not so interesting product. And you can strike the match on the container.

9. Linea Rainbow Serving Spoon - The finish on this serving spoon will be a conversation starter at your dinner parties.

10. The Runwell Turntable - This should be on everyone's wish list! *heart eyes for days*

11. U-Turn Swivel Chair - This chair has been on our minds since we spotted it a couple years ago. The seaming details and sleek design are so good.

12. Bloak Ladders - Do you have too many blankets that you don't know what to do with? We do!

Hope you enjoyed our list, let us know if there is anything you think would be perfect for a designer!