Strike a Match

I know everyone who doesn't live in California will die over us whining about night time temperatures in the low 40's but its' so cold! So cold, in fact, that we're thinking about fireplaces and how great it would be to snuggle up to a cozy hearth rather than yell at our cat to stop playing with the pilot on our atrocious looking gas heater. OK, it's not that bad but I'd definitely take the former over the latter. 

Over the years, Paul's been able to provide design direction on many client fireplaces and we're rounding up some our favorites to share with you. It may seem like a simple task but designers have to take extra care when designing a fireplace box and surround. As always, building codes must be followed and the design needs to account for non combustible materials and minimum clearances required by code. (It's more than just fun and games!) 

Now that we have s'mores and campfire songs on our mind, comment below with your favorite fireplace memory. If you ask, we'll share each of ours.