Stop and Smell the Roses

Living in Pasadena requires an obligatory Rose Parade post. We've lived here for 3 years now and we've gone to the Parade every year. This year, however, we're taking a year off and instead of watching the floats during the parade, we woke up early and walked Orange Grove, formally known as Millionaires Row, and documented some of the incredible and ornate float decorations. As you can image, we weren't alone. Typical attendance runs close to 1 million with over 60 million tuning in to watch it live last year. The 2015 Rose Parade was seen LIVE in 57 countries & territories outside the United States, and available for Live streaming for the first time in 150 Territories.

Rose hanging outside of the Norton Simon Museum

There's been some chatter over the parade being postponed to January 2nd this year. Word on the street has been that it's because the Tournament of Roses Association didn't want people to skip church. Not quite. The first year of the parade was 1890 and in 1893, the parade fell on a Sunday for the first time. It was decided then that the disruption and noise from the parade might frighten and excite the horses tied up outside thethe nearby churches, thus interrupting the Sunday services. The committee didn't feel like they could carry on in good conscious knowing that they were causing such disruption. Although horses are no longer hitched outside of churches, the tradition remains. Rumor has it that because the Tournament has kept it's promise to not schedule the parade on a Sunday, the weather is almost always favorably dry. It's as though a pact has been established and it's not something The Association is willing to gamble on. After all, it's only rained 10 times in the 128 year history. 

With the parade using an estimated 18 million flowers, it's no wonder the floats turn out so spectacular. Take a look at some of the up close images and intricate details we captured in the early morning hours.  

Comment below and let us know which float is your favorite! Happy New Year from Pasadena, California. Enjoy the parade!

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