And We're Off!

It's 2017! WOAH

As the title suggests, today is the start of something new - this blog! Let us start by welcoming you to Local Studio LA. We're creating this blog to show our readers our style of design and what inspires us everyday. The name 'Local Studio' was dreamed up as we talked about what it is that we do each and every day. It may at times be easy to see a finished project and think that it was all the designer but the truth is that each project, no matter the size, is a TEAM effort. Every project includes multiple local craftsmen and vendors that bring their unique and specialized talents forward which, when put all together, allows the designers concept to be realized. In many cases they influence and add to the design making the finished product better than we could have imagined. We are grateful to be surrounded by such talented individuals and for that reason we are 'Local Studio'. We consider our firm to be a collaborative and cooperative environment. We need the client, we need the contractor, we need the artist, we need the woodworker... etc. Together is where the magic occurs. We look forward to sharing our projects and collaborations with you!

Before we get started there's some things you should know... 

Here's a little insight into the two of us before we go any further. 

The first thing that comes to Paul's mind when Becky says:

  • Happy Potter - Sorcerers Stone
  • City Lights - Convertible
  • Super Hero - Superman
  • West Coast - Best Coast
  • Textile - Tweed

Paul's responses to a nice little game of this or that:

  • Collar or no collar? Collar
  • Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings? Lord Of The Rings
  • Fabric or Furniture? Fabric
  • Mountain top or beach side? Mountain top
  • Taylor Swift or Beyonce? Beyonce

The first thing that comes to Becky's mind when Paul says:

  • Ocean - Paradise
  • Wood - Craftsmanship
  • Art - Personal
  • Book - Vroman's
  • Furniture-  Antiques

Becky's responses to this or that:

  • Margarita or Champagne? Champagne
  • Stripes or Plaid? Plaid
  • Flats or heels? Flats (comfort people!)
  • Dessert or Coffee? Coffee
  • Modern or Traditional? Traditional

Cheers to a new year, new chances, new feels and fresh starts. HAPPY 2017!